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Kodachi - s5 Shock Steel

Kodachi - s5 Shock Steel

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11/12/23:  we expect these kodachi this week.  We have ordered 5 more which will ship to us at the end of the month. pre-order price for this batch is $450, going up to $500 once they arrive.

Watch Shadiversity use one of our s5 shock steel katana on stone!

Made of s5 tool steel, this Kodachi is just shorter than a katana, just longer than a wakizashi.  Mounted with iron handachi fittings, it harkens back to a warrior's companion sword from 800 years ago... but is tough enough to whack away at tree limbs and 2x4s!

Blade Length: 60cm/24 inches
Tsuka Length: 20cm/9 inches

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