What sets Cloudhammer Steelworks apart from other companies is its use of tool and spring steels. With extensive metallurgical research, Cloudhammer has developed and continues to develop the most practical steels for swordmaking:

Some of the more unique steels that Cloudhammer commonly uses include:

  • Functional Damascus Blends: technically pattern steel, "Damascus" blends together different types of steels with different properties to create patterns in the blade.
  • W1 & W2 Cable Steel: used in elevator cables, these steels' carbon content lends itself to beautiful hamon.
  • 51crv4 German Spring Steel: an entry level spring steel with good durability. The elasticity means it will not easily warp during cuts with poor edge alignment.
  • Sup12 Japanese Spring Steel: a mid-level spring steel, it's a little stiffer and harder than German Spring Steel.
  • sx105v Japanese Tool Steel: Hard and durable, it is typically used in dies and cutting edges.
  • Assab88 Tool Steel: It's higher carbon content allows for exceptional hardness, yet better chipping resistance than steels with similar hardness.
  • s5 Tool Steel: Byzer's premium steel made for heavy impact, it is a durable steel typically used for dies and concrete breakers.