Collection: Practical Swords

Made of modern steels with cutting edge technologies, practical swords are designed to survive abuse, such as cuts on hard targets, cuts with poor edge alignment, sword-on-sword contact, and more.

Our line of practical swords use:

  • Functional Damascus Blends: technically pattern steel, "Damascus" blends together different types of steels with different properties to create patterns in the blade.
  • 51crv4 German Spring Steel: an entry level spring steel with good durability. The elasticity means it will not easily warp during cuts with poor edge alignment.
  • Sup12 Japanese Spring Steel: a mid-level spring steel, it's a little stiffer and harder than German Spring Steel.
  • sx105v Japanese Tool Steel: Hard and durable, it is typically used in dies and cutting edges.
  • Assab88 Tool Steel: It's higher carbon content allows for exceptional hardness, yet better chipping resistance than steels with similar hardness.
  • s5 Tool Steel: Byzer's premium steel made for heavy impact, it is a durable steel typically used for dies and concrete breakers.


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