About Chan An (長安, formerly known as Byzer)

Based in Taichung, Taiwan, Byzer (長安) takes pride in its fusion of modern-day CAD designs and traditional forging techniques.

It uses both traditional materials to faithfully recreate historical Asian and European swords, as well modern day industrial steels to engineer durable, resilient blades for practical use.

Byzer emphasizes that many of the traditional methods were practical for the materials and technology available, but the advent of modern, standardized industrial steels can replicate the qualities than smiths of old desired in a sword.

Byzer is a truly international company, with its functional blades made in Vietnam, traditional blades made in Shanxi. It sources components from a Xian company that casts replacement parts for antiques, Japan for some koshirae and steel, Thailand for rayskin, and more.

Most importantly Byzer is always striving to improve the quality of its products by listening and implementing customer feedback.