Collection: Japanese Swords

Japanese swords evolved from Tang Dynasty swords from China.

Tachi: usually wielded from horseback, they tend to have gaudier fittings similar to Tang Swords, most importantly the koshiate hangers from which they are mounted.

Handachi: a Katana with tachi fittings, save for the koshiate hangers.

Katana (Uchi-gatana): the iconic Japanese curved sword.

Wakizashi: paired with a Katana, the blade is shorter.

Tanto: a short stabbing dagger.

O-Katana: a large katana, with a blade length of 30-33 inches.

Nodachi/Odachi: a large sword, with a blade of over 84cm/34 inches.

Iaito/Mogito: a blunt training sword


Japanese swords also have varying geometries:

Shinogi Zukuri: the standard, iconic shape, with a defined yokote (horizontal plane) at the kissaki (tip).

Shobu Zukuri: shape is similar to a Shinogi Zukuri, except that it does not have a yokote

Unokubi: literally, cormorant's neck. The blade thins near the kissaki, making it a light and nimble sword. The geometry is based on the naginata.

Kogarasu: A transitional geometry, as Japanese swords evolved from the double-edged, pointed Tang straight swords.

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