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Customizable Katana -standard 27.5 nagasa

Customizable Katana -standard 27.5 nagasa

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Cloudhammer allows for a wide variety of customizations.  Just start with your blade and build your sword.

Customization Info

Blade Type:
S5: SIT (Impact toughness high impact toughness, Hrc57-58 impact toughness 180J ) If you want a sword that is extremely durable and capable of fighting with weapons,
Sx105v: XEH (high elasticity, high hardness,  Hrc 57) If you want high elasticity and good hardness for tameshigiri
51crv4: CEH (elasticity high elasticity, hardness high hardness, Hrc56-57)
If your budget is limited and you need high elasticity and good hardness, try cutting bamboo and water bottles

51crv4: CT (toughness,  Hrc53-55)
If your budget is limited and you need high toughness and rough use

ASSAB88: 8RH (Wear-resistant high wear-resistant hardness high hardness,  Hr58-59
If you like high hardness, high wear resistance and high rigidity

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